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file0001937768279Vina and I are busy writing book 3 – Love’s Last Bite. I’m on chapter nineteen so I see the end of the road – but of course this is the first go around. Writing a book takes a lot of determination. There are times I just want to walk away from my laptop and not think about John and Vince, and the troubles they’re going through. But, they refuse to step outside of my brain, making a home there for the last two years.

November is NaNo month – the month for writers to buckle down and write that novel! I can’t follow the strict routine of writing so many words a day. I’m too much of a scanner, flitting from one thing to another. If I was disciplined I’d get more books out, art created… *Sigh* I’m not wired with the routine gene. My eyes blur over when I see a spreadsheet. I prefer writing my tasks on a large calendar I use for my mousepad.

Of course John and Vincent are at it again in book 3. Here’s an unedited tidbit, subject to change of course.

Vincent tipped back his glass and sipped, and licked a stray drop off his lips. He took another sip, and once more, drops of wine dotted his lips. John’s eyes widened, and he shifted his stance against the wood railing. Vincent swept the tip of his tongue across his lower lip, then pulled that lush lip between his teeth.

“Jesus,” muttered John as his shorts tented.

Vincent’s powerful bicep rippled as he ran a hand through his long hair. “This wine was chosen especially for our last night.”

“Fuck.” John turned into the railing to hide his hard-on. “You’re doing that on purpose.”

“Doing what, amante?” His lover’s voice had dipped into that sexy rumble. “Something bothering you?”

“Go figure,” John said, drily. “It’s you.”

Vincent’s deep chuckle reached out and wrapped around John. “I was thinking how much I want to drip wine on your chest, then lick it off –”

“Stop, Vin. We’re not alone. I’m damn hard already.”




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