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I’m posting an interview of mine that was posted on a Dirty Birdies – Pervs of a Feather blog. I’m one of the participating authors and this month we’re discussing erotic romance! So check out the site and see what some of the most talented erotic romance authors are saying about the genre: http://www.dirtybirdiesauthors.com/

Hi Birdalicious Lovers– Today it’s my pleasure to help you get to know my fellow Birdie, Viki Lyn, as part of our probing the Birdie’s month. We all are answering the same questions so you can see what makes us tick. Oh, and Viki has a cool new release, so be sure and scroll down and read the blurb. Here’s Viki:

What, in your opinion, makes an erotic romance stand out?

For me it’s the character’s emotional growth throughout the book. I like a sex scene to be at least one of my character’s ‘ah-ha’ moments when they realize what they are sharing with their partner goes beyond the physical act.

Why do you write erotic romance rather than non-erotic romance?

I write male/male romance so really, what do guys think about 95% of the time? They are thinking about fucking him or her, depending on their sexual orientation. True, right! I write all sensual heat levels but I always have some graphic sex in my books. I just feel my story lines lend themselves to erotic romance.  

What would you like to say to readers who are new to the erotic romance genre?

Give it a try. There are some very fantastic erotic romance writers. Erotic romance characters’ are passionate, sensual and loving. Love is the key, not the sex. Sex might lead to love, or it’s how the character expresses their love. Either way, the stories are romantic. If you’re a newbie erotic romance reader you can start with a lesser heat level – I’d say around three or four flames.

What are your favorite cuss words when writing a sex scene?

By far, fuck. I also use shit, hell…and other words depending on my character’s background and the decade.

How do you get in the mood to write sex scenes when you rather be doing laundry?

I know many of my fellow birdies really enjoy writing sex and I’m envious! I admit to times I rather be doing laundry – yeah, I know, pretty sad. There are a few things I do to get in the mood, at least ones I can share with you (heh):  play sexy songs on my iPod, read mature Yaoi (Japanese m/m manga) because the graphics turn me on, browse reference books on gay sex (The Joy of Gay Sex, The Gay Man’s Kama Sutra and 101 Gay Sex Secrets Revealed) (and yeah, graphics do turn me on!) and read hot passages in some of my favorite books.

What makes a sex scene sensational?

What makes every book sensational – the characters!

Happy Reading!


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