Veiled Dominance by Evelise Archer


Please welcome my guest author Evelise Archer – who writes hot and sexy BDSM! If this is your cup of tea then read further and make sure you have a glass of cool, icy water on hand. 🙂

Evelise is an avid reader and story teller, wife, mother and educator. Evelise is living her dream with her loving husband, dog, and three children who visit often. Fueled by desire for a strong cup of coffee and a passion for literature, Evelise can be found reading her favorite books on her e-reader or in front of her lap top spinning her next erotic M/M tale.

Veiled Dominance is her latest release. Here is an excerpt, but be warned, it’s ADULT Rating.




Shane Wise is a Dom and part owner of a popular BDSM club in Rittenhouse Square, Club Rebellion. A tumultuous past has led him to an almost perfect present, except Shane has a secret. A secret that could destroy his reputation in the world in which he loves to live-BDSM.

Deacon Archer is also a Dom and part owner of Club Rebellion and he is in love with Shane Wise. Together Shane and Deacon must decide if the love they feel can withstand the scrutiny they fear, if their relationship is revealed.

Can two dominants truly forge a relationship? Will secret desires open up a new world and allow Shane to be the man he was intended to be or will veiled dominance get in the way?

Veiled Dominance Excerpt, copyright Evelise Archer, 2015, Adult Rating

Shane freed his body and mind of outside influences and absorbed the sensation. He rocked into the hits as Deacon’s strikes became more intense.

Strike after strike created a feeling of euphoria. Lost in the sensation floating over his body, he couldn’t see Deacon flogging him, but he could feel it; the touch too pleasurable to tell Deacon to stop. His back and ass were on fire, a sense of desperation filled him, a slight panic churned. Yet, safe wording never crossed his mind. He needed this.

His sense of sight had been taken away, he had no knowledge of where Deacon would strike next, but he knew wherever it would be, Deacon would make sure he achieved the most satisfaction.

Weightless. Absorbed in the sensations that were given to him. He loved Deacon and loved how the man made him feel. Shane needed to feel, to let all his inhibitions and worries escape him.

Detached, above his own mortal body, Shane began to replay his life, a movie that included fear, abandonment, friendship and love. His life had been a black and white picture show until a select few people had entered it. Deacon being one of those people that changed his world into color.

The flogging stopped, but Shane still had no words. A small smile crossed his lips as Deacon soothed him with ointment; his back, ass, and the back of his upper thighs. Still suspended, his body slumped in relaxation. Shane knew Deacon would take care of his needs, he always did.

Sprawled on the queen sized bed in the playroom, Shane had no recollection of Deacon carrying him, his body a puddle of goo. Although Deacon was more slender and a tad bit shorter than Shane’s six foot three inch frame, he was one strong son of a bitch. Shane relished the ache on his back and ass, but what he really looked forward to–the touch of a slippery finger probing his nether hole. Oh hell yeah, I’m about to get fucked.


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