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Naming characters is a challenge. There are some ‘go to’ sites that I use for finding names. It’s best if I have an idea of what I want the character’s name to represent. 20,000-Names website is great source, if you can ignore all the pop up ads! At this site, you can sort by gender and nationality, then search for a specific meaning. Another cool thing is the special category page which have names for fairies, dragons, magic users, directions, twins…

In Love’ Last Bite, I had to come up with a name for a female magic user. In the WIP, I randomly made up a name, but now that we’re writing our first draft, I needed a name I could live with. I’ve already named the twin sister in book 1 (For The Bite Of It). She is a priestess in Vincent’s court and is named Vadoma, so I wanted to keep with the slavic roots.

According to the website, this is the meaning behind Vadoma: Possibly a Romani feminine form of Russian Vadim, a name which some etymologists believe must have its root in Slavic vadit, vedet, or wiedziec, meaning “to know,” because pagan magicians were called veduny, “the knowing ones.”

Search parameters: Slavic roots or Russian roots, and a name that has a meaning of magic.

I first searched under Slavic Female names but didn’t find a name I liked. Next I searched under Russian female names. One name stood out—ISIDORA. It is the feminine form of Russian Isidor and means “gift of Isis”. Isis is the Goddess of Magic. This name was the one!

Vadoma and Isidora has a nice ring to it, yeah?




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