Taming the Ugly Beast – Chaos

A couple of weeks ago I flew to California to visit my family. I always take Southwest Airlines, and as always, I don’t carry a printed book, so I have to peruse through their magazine until I can turn on my iPad.

For an airline mag, SPIRIT has some cool articles. One section titled – Life Apps Systemizer – caught my attention because it’s how I’ve been feeling lately — my head spinning as if it’s ready to fly off.

Here are some pointers the author shared in optimizing the mind and organzing one’s life. I’m paraphrasing the article published in Spirit March 2012:

1. Tame the Frenzy – incorporating what calmed and energized us in the past. For me, that’s playing computer games because it totally disengages my mind from writing. Reading a good book also does this, as well as art work.

2. Sustain Attention – focus on one activity at a time.

3. Mold Information – improve the ability to harness working memory by exercising, writing things down, getting a good’s night rest, and listening to divergent points of view.

4. Apply the Brakes – Know when to stop. This creates space for new ideas.

5. Shift Sets – When you change your focus, do it because you want to! Think about the pros and cons of shifting gears and then if you decide to shift, do it with your full attention.

6. Connect the Dots – set aside time to think and ask yourself: What is the state of mind I need to create in order to move through this frenzy?.

Great pointers. Now to actually apply them!

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