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Sexy muscular naked man with water drops on stomachThis is the pic I used for my current desktop image. Yum.

Vina and I couldn’t resist writing a free Halloween read with Vince and John. Both dressed in appropriate costumes, they take John’s niece and nephews trick or treating. :)

Read it here!

If you would love to win a black T-shirt with one of the Orbus Arcana book covers – then you can enter at Emily’s blog!

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Tour continues in week 2

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Reviews are in and they are good! Phew. Dancing happy this week.

“Fans of the paranormal will find this an exhilarating read and I’m counting down the days until the next installment.” JFaltys

“I loved the first book and have been waiting anxiously for my chance to read the second in this fascinating series…Another exceptionally well written and fast paced paranormal thriller from this talented writing duo, A Bite In Time continued to challenge everything I thought I knew about vampires. With deepening emotional content, sizzling sexual chemistry and exciting plot development, this is one sequel you won’t want to miss!” Book reviews by Carly

WEEK TWO begins for A Bite In Time Blurb Blitz tour and Amazon GC Giveaway!

Stop at any blog tour host’s site and enter via the rafflecopter.

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August 22: Sharing Links and Wisdom REVIEW

5 Star Review



Vina and I kicked off our Blurb Blitz Blog Tour with a 5 Star Review! You can read the review at Scarf Princess or on Amazon. Jody was kind to post it there. :) Rafflecopter giveaway – $25.00 Gift Certificate. :) Buy Link

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August 18: Sydney St. Claire

August 19: The Simple Things in Life

August 20: Mia Downing

August 20: Dawn’s Reading Nook

August 21: Booklover Sue

August 22: Sharing Links and Wisdom REVIEW


ABIT Book Tour With Amazon GC Raffle

BBT A Bite in Time Banner copy

A Bite In Time is making the circuit – Blurb Blitz Tour including reviews and a Rafflecopter Giveaway :)

August 11: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess REVIEW

August 12: The Fuzzy, Fluffy World of Chris T. Kat

August 13: Books on Silver Wings

August 14: BookSkater

August 15: Carly’s Book Reviews REVIEW

August 18: Sydney St. Claire

August 19: The Simple Things in Life

August 20: Mia Downing

August 20: Dawn’s Reading Nook

August 21: Booklover Sue

August 22: Sharing Links and Wisdom REVIEW

T-Shirt Giveaway to Celebrate A Bite In Time

Whew! It’s double digits in Arizona and I’m housebound. That should mean I’d write up a storm, but really, all it means is I feel lazy! But, the good news is A Bite In Time will be published on Amazon in a couple of weeks! Yay. Now that’s a celebration worth mentioning. I love this book. First, it’s brand new and well, John is in for one hell of a ride. Putting our characters into danger is always a good thing. And what is there not to love about the book cover?

I love this cover so much, how about I give away a T-shirt with this very book cover on it? Because of shipping, I’m sorry to say that it’s US only. :( ABiteInTime_200

To enter, leave a comment and tell me what you love about the cover – and who’s your favorite man – John (blue eye blond) or Vincent (dark eyes and hair). If you want another entry then subscribe to my newsletter (Viki’s Newsletter entry box is on the lower right hand side of this site). This beautiful cover was created by Winterheart Design. I will pick a winner when the book is released. This could be two weeks or three weeks. So be patient. We want the book to be clean as it can be before we put it on the market.

Here’s a short excerpt to whet your interest (unedited version):

Vince fantasied about taking John back to his beloved Verno. To witness the look in John’s eyes when he first caught sight of the churning sea as storm clouds gathered in dark billows along the horizon, the stark beauty of the snow-shrouded landscape, the cliff-side cave, Vince’s special hideout, the entrance deep behind fir trees. The cave had been Vince’s place of mediation where he absorbed the spiritual atmosphere and the energy of the land, his land calling to him.

In his heart, he knew John would love Verno despite being raised in the hot sun of the desert. On calm days, in what passed for summer in Vince’s world, the water stretched for miles, the undulating waves as azure as John’s eyes.

Vince stretched his left quad over the metal bench, relishing the slight burn. Talk about being stuck between the devil and the deep blue sea. For devil, read Jurisdictio. He suspected the J had hidden motives for granting him his powers. Not everyone on the J agreed he was the chosen prince. The older judges were manipulative and wily. He had to be vigilant. If they found out about John…he shuddered and forced his thoughts away before his fangs descended.

And the deep blue sea? John. A human who had no ideas vampires existed. He extended his other leg into a stretch. How did you tell your lover you were a blood-sucking vampire?

Hey John, have a glass of this 2005 Barossa Shiraz I bought for this special true confession. By the way, I’m a vampire. A blood-sucker. One of a hidden race, feared by humans.

Bollocks. Damned either way. He should have settled for a one-night stand. Some days Angelo’s advice made sense. His friend had warned him about falling in love with a human. But if he had heeded Angelo, he never would have known the fine man John was; never experienced the searing connection when they made love; never experienced the bone-deep contentment when John nestled in his arms at night.

Vince prowled the cement path to cool his head, and splashed tepid water on his face from the drinking fountain, letting it drip down his neck and onto his t-shirt.

Pink-purple-grey swathes mottled the sky. Across the quiet expanse of the lake, the tops of rush hour cars whizzed by on the interstate. A large black object bobbing in the water caught his eye. An odd shape and too big to be trash.

He leaned against the railing for a closer look. His stomach clenched and he sucked in a breath. A human arm poked out from the black plastic. The two lone joggers who had passed him were no longer in sight. Just him and a dead body. Again.

He suppressed the desire to climb over the ledge and investigate. No way would he touch this body; he knew too well what John would say. He tugged his mobile phone from the strap in his waistband.

John, I know you won’t believe this but I found another dead body. I swear it popped up in my path.

He sighed as John’s ring tone came on.

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