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#MMContemporary – Woodland Village is Back!


Many of you know that I had several books off the shelves due to Musa Publishing closing. I’m happy to say that Woodland Village is Back! I self-published the series through KDP (Amazon). The books are only 2.99 each, so if you haven’t read this series, it’s a great time to buy. And, the series makes for great summer reading. You can pre-order the series now. The books will be released on Amazon July 23! RyansHarbor_200

To read more about Skye and Drew, Ryan and Martin and John and Scott, visit my Woodland Village page on my website: click here

JohnsMatch_200The book covers were designed by Winterheart Design who also did the Orbus Arcana series and Redemption. I love Lex’s creative work and I’m really pleased with the new covers. They are fresh and contemporary, as is the series.


Blue Skye:

Ryan’s Harbor:

John’s Match:

Lover’s Trill and Perceived Love (both Musa orphans) will be released by Loose Id. I will be extending both these books with a lot of added scenes to get to a higher word count for Loose Id’s novella minimum word count.  I’m excited about enhancing their stories and fleshing out the characters.

Contemplating Friendship

Cactus One

I am going on a two week vacation starting on Thursday. I’m looking forward to visiting with very close friends who I haven’t seen in forever! I’ve reached a pivotal birthday this year, and I decided life is too short not to seek out friends that feed our creative selves. Friends who are a joy to be with, who energize the people they associate with because they are warm, open and positive.

I’ve been very lucky to have met some very great people – and to forge some deep friendships. Soulmates in a way, and I’m talking about a connection that goes beyond the physical or sexual. Someone when you first meet and they just ‘get you’. Rare and special and worth nurturing.

When I write romance, I like my couple to be friends, even if they get off to a rocky start. Sure, the sex is always good, because it’s romance, right, but to be truly satisfying, there needs to be a deep connection and a synergy between the two lovers. I’m editing my Woodland Village series to republish the on Amazon. I’ve finished Blue Skye and Ryan’s Harbor and now working on John’s Match. John and Scott have a very rocky start to their relationship!

Here’s a bit of an excerpt when John does a good deed and brings home Scott’s drunk son. Scott doesn’t see it that way:

Scott slipped his hand under his son’s arms and lifted him to his feet, his glare pinning John. “What the fuck did you do to my son?”

John snapped, having enough of playing Good Samaritan. “Saved him from being road kill. I found him drunk, blocking my car door. I didn’t want to leave him stranded in a parking lot.” He wouldn’t mention what his son had been doing on his car.

“That’s not what it looks like to me.” Scott peeled back his son’s eyelid, practically growling. “He looks stoned. What shit did you give him?”

John stepped back. “I don’t take drugs or give them to unsuspecting men.” He bit back using the word “twink.” He hated that particular term. Nothing was wrong with young healthy men wanting a good time.

Even under the dim light, Scott’s eyes blazed. “My son isn’t some goddamn rent boy.”

“Jesus Christ, man. Aren’t you listening to a word I’m saying?”

Rob groaned, and his head wobbled on his father’s shoulder. “Don’t feel so good…” Then his head thumped down, and the guy passed out.

“I’m putting him to bed. You”—he pointed to John—“stay put.”

John bristled under the command. He should get the hell out of there, but the bastard was his neighbor. All he needed was all-out war between him and this asshole.




Recommended by Multitasking Momma

Redemption smaller version copy


“Murder, mystery, suspense, subterfuge, betrayal and scorching erotica.” 5 star review by Fadia at Multitasking Momma!

Read entire review.

Learning From A Writing Partner

I have four ebooks going right now. All four books are  are m/m fantasy and paranormal romances. I’m writing about vampires, Kresniks, angels and demons – oh, and throw in a God or two!

Two of the books I’m writing on my own, and two I’m writing with Vina.

Forbidden Bite (Book 4 of the Orbus Arcana series) should be the next book published, but as usual, we’re changing it up and so the first few chapters were set aside for a new idea. All of sudden an idea pops up and we go – Yeah, that’s too cool, let’s change it! Somehow we make it work between us. Vina has taught me that the small details of a relationship matters – the stroking of hair, the chin on the shoulder. The quiet moments shared by two people can be powerful. I hope that I’ve inspired her as well.

I feel that my individual writing has improved because of our working partnership. I have fun writing with another author – sharing ideas, brainstorming and then sharing in that wonderful feeling when we receive a great review for one of our books!




Redemption smaller version copyRedemption now available on Amazon for 3.99!

Buy link:

Thou shall not kill. An angel who sins may never find love again.




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Viki LynI’ll be chatting at Love Romances Cafe FB group on Saturday at 2:00 Pacific Time or around that time! I’ll be talking about vamps, devils and angels. And other things that come up in conversation! Love for you to stop by.

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