Sizzling Excerpt #2 – I hate you but…

I’m continuing on my vampire kick – and the next excerpt is from Fighting Chance which follows the first book –  Last Chance. It’s difficult writing the first sex scene between two sworn enemies – because what makes them cross the line? I had a lot of fun writing vampire slayer and Kresnik Corbin Hamilton and Strix vampire Johan Maier III – two alphas used to getting their way.


Corbin clenched the poker, his knuckles strained. Johan had no business sticking his elegant, long nose into his affairs.

“Corbin, please… Your Vaidi has released me to you. She said I am to go with you.”

“Like hell you will.” God, how the fake sincerity fired up his ire. And being near the man fired up his cock. And that made him despise Johan.

He lifted the poker slightly. It was this strix’s fault he could hardly think straight. Johan wasn’t a Kresnik—would never be a Kresnik, but always a bloodsucking vampire.

“I should have staked you when I had the chance.”

“That, my dear, will not make a dent.” Johan eyed the poker in mock indignation.

“I don’t give a fuck what you think.”

“I believe you do.”

At least Johan’s fangs weren’t out, but the smirk was enough to blast a hole of rage through Corbin’s gut. He’d prove it. Prove Johan still had the instinct to drain his blood, to take a life with his fangs. Prove once and for all Johan’s evil intentions were still a part of him.

All he could think about was snuffing out that useless life. It’d break the attraction that festered like an infected wound. It’d feel so right. What did he care if the creature lived or died? Johan was all smoke and mirrors and lies.

Corbin licked his lips, murderous intent causing his head to pound. He lurched on his feet and swung the poker downward, sideswiping Johan’s head.

Johan hissed as he tumbled out of his chair and hit the floor with a thump. He scrambled to his feet, his fangs glistening in the dim light. Corbin stared at the red dots spotting Johan’s soiled shirt. Johan seemed oblivious to the blood.

Corbin swung the weapon across Johan’s chest, but the vampire grabbed the handle and yanked it out of his hand, then sent it flying across the room. It hit the window, and glass shattered.

Corbin barely registered the crackling noise. All his attention was focused on Johan, standing deadly and beautiful and alert. A perfect vision of evil passion burned in those glowing eyes. Now this was a passion Corbin understood.

“You should never irritate a vampire.” Johan brushed the shards of glass off his shoulders.

Swiftly Johan knocked aside the chair and lunged for Corbin. He grabbed his shirt, and Corbin found himself being pulled into that taut body that radiated a fierce red heat. His veins thrummed; his cock flared hard. It rubbed against Johan’s clothed erection, tearing a moan from his throat.

Johan yanked Corbin’s head back by his hair, revealing the quivering throat muscles. He licked the strained tendon with his rough tongue. Fangs grazed the tender skin. Corbin clawed and scratched, but it only ignited his deep-seated lust. He found himself held down by Johan’s powerful grip on his shoulder. Johan pressed the length of his body against him.

Corbin stumbled against the wall. It excited him to be dominated, taken roughly. The tip of Johan’s fangs teased along Corbin’s skin—down his neck, across his collarbone—as his shirt was ripped from his chest.

“Oh God, no…” Corbin groaned as fingers teased his stiff nubs.

Why wasn’t Johan biting him? Draining him? Destroying him?

His heart was ready to leap off a cliff. There was no place to set his hands except on the slopes of those muscular shoulders. He fought down the urge to hang on tight, to press in closer. He gritted his teeth as lust burned throughout his body.

A kiss met Corbin’s neck. He stole a glance at Johan.

Johan’s voice was smoky. “I could no more kill you than kill myself.”

Kisses left a moist trail from Corbin’s neck to his mouth. He twisted his head aside, refusing to let Johan taste his lips. The tantalizing mouth was so near his own Johan’s soft breath made him dizzy. Deep within him, a longing stirred. It pulsated through his veins, his adrenaline spiking. Corbin’s inner voice screamed to get away from the fiery sensations consuming his body.

Putting all he had into it, he pushed Johan back. He scrambled around the strix, keeping out of the vampire’s reach. His heart raced as he took in Johan—hair streaming down his shoulders, stormy eyes hot with passion—a handsome, infuriating, utterly sexy male.

Johan stalked toward him. “You think you can resist me?”

Corbin’s hands trembled in rage, all his pent-up tension wrapped tightly around his heart. The damn conceit of the man. “Stay away.”

“You and your lordly pride. Give in to your desire for once. Let yourself feel.”

Corbin shoved Johan back with his fists. An immeasurable strength pumped up his muscles. He grinned, not able to hold back the viciousness in his voice. “My desire is to see you dead.”


Or is it? Corbin has a very difficult time when it comes to his heart! For more sizzling excerpts in May visit my sister site:





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