Sisterly Love

I finished my pre-edits for Sins of Lust – Yay. I’m happy to have that behind me so I can enjoy my vacation. Yesterday I flew to California and was picked up by two of my sisters. I have three  – and we love getting together – to shop, travel, gossip, eat, shop some more…all the wonderful things you do with sisters. I’m lucky we get along so well – and spending time with them is like spending time with my best friends. Our personalities are very different, and maybe that’s why we get along – we tolerate our idiosyncrasies! LOL And, they are my biggest fans — buying my books even though they had never heard of or read m/m romance before. This weekend we’re taking off to Santa Cruz and the beach, and our oldest sister will meet us there. Then we’ll all be together.  

Here are some of my fav movies featuring sisterly love: Sense and Sensibility, Hannah and Her Sisters, Practical Magic, Parent Trap, Little Women.




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