Sabrina Garie shares her guilty pleasures

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Darn! I wish I had my computer.


What is your guilty:

TV show? Star Trek and Start Trek Next Generation. I know some of those scripts by heart and I can still watch them over and over again. It’s like coming home to family. And the new Star Trek movies, the slipped right in there too.

Food addiction? Ice cream, pudding, flan. Anything that slips and slides through the mouth and down the throat. Taste and texture.

Beauty addiction? Mani-pedi. I love the whole process and feel prettier when all my nails are painted.

Your go-to clothing for seduction? Front clasp bras. Nothing sexier than unhooking it, then peeling it off one cup at a time.

Hidden in the closet item(s)? All my romance novels. Between the covers and the content, I need to keep them away out of sight and away from my daughter.


Sometimes the greatest obstacles to love are the walls that guard your own heart.

Excerpt and Buy link for Next Move:

Thank you Sabrina for indulging us with your guilty pleasures! Be sure to check out Sabrina’s latest book, and you can catch us both at Darker Temptations.

Peace and Love!



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