Psst. What’s In My Secretus Folder

chest-shotI have a folder for every story I’ve ever written. What do I keep in it? All the stuff I’ve researched and my characters profiles for starters. Currently I’m writing a m/m romance titled Secretus (subject to change). The story centers around Marc who opened an all exclusive male only resort in Big Sur. So what is in the Secretus file?

1. Aries with Virgo commentary I printed out. Graham is Aries and Marc is a Virgo, and this gives me some insight to their personalities and what type of conflict they might encounter! – “Aries’ enthusiasm, courage, and impulsiveness are fascinating but sometimes off putting to self-contained, controlled Virgo.” I can picture some fun conflict between these two men.

2. Floor plans, brochure and colored pictures of Post Ranch Inn – this is the resort I chose to emulate in Secretus. I’d really love to stay here but the prices aren’t even listed on Inn’s website. Yikes. Yep, out of my price range. The Inn sits atop the cliffs of Big Sur, 1200 feet above the Pacific Ocean. Very romantic.

3. List of hotel positions and titles.

4. Big Sur’s Flora and Fauna

5. Big Sur guide from the Chamber of Commerce

6. Articles on a Big Sur fire, Anxiety Attacks & Anxiety Disorders, Esalen Hot Springs and the Henry Miller Memorial Library.

7. My synopsis with my editor’s suggestions.

8. Pictures of my two main characters. They are usually male models or movie stars that fit the profile.

I’m sure to add more as the story progresses. Each folder is different, depending on the story and if it’s a series. A lot of times I don’t know if a book will turn into a series, so I want to have everything about the world I’ve built in one place, even if it’s a contemporary and not a paranormal or fantasy, I still need research materials.





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