Pet Pals: Skye’s Black Lab

I’m not a pet person. Not that I hate animals or anything, but I’ve never had pets of my own. I noticed that I never write pets into my books either. My poor men are deprieved of having a pet pal. It got me thinking that if I had written in a pet, what kind would I have chosen for each of my characters?

So I’m going to feature Pet Pals during the next few weeks.


Not all of my characters would have pets – I really can’t see Drew Adams wanting to take care of animal or wanting the ‘mess’ it comes with…hair on the furniture, cleaning the kitty litter…but since he’s now living with Skye, well, Skye would have man’s best friend — a dog. With a cottage on the beach, a lab is a perfect choice for Skye. They are friendly, outgoing and always have a smile on their face, and they love to play in the waves.  Not sure what he’d name his pet, but maybe something to do with art because he’s a painter. Picasso, maybe, or Chiaro (short for chiaroscuro – Italian painting term meaning light/dark). If you have any ideas for names or kind of pets – please post them! Who knows, if I write a future book with the same characters, one of these pets just might show up in the book. 🙂

Happy Reading! Viki



2 Responses to Pet Pals: Skye’s Black Lab

  • Mina Gerhart says:

    I’m an animal person, I grew up in the country (but not a farm!). I’ve had all kinds of different animal companions – Albino rat – Tikker; Cats – Frisky (the earliest pet remembered), Tommy 2 toes, Morricee, Bosscat Roadie;
    Dogs – Buddy Blue Boy, Peppi, Bambie; Field mouse (white foot mouse?) – Grey Princess, White mice – White Princesses; Snakes; Bats; Bluebirds (3 of them!); Starling – Brack; Robin – Fred Fred; Sunfish – Sunny; Minnows; Tropical fish; Hermit crabs – Herman; Parakeets – Bluie, Greenie and Leela; Lizards – Emelio Lizardo.
    Since I moved into a cute little town I’ve gotten away from having so many companion animals. I have a looking pond with gold fish, frogs & a garter snake.
    All in all though I’m still a cat person, I still miss the warm, fuzzy purr & “kitty kisses ” in the middle of the night to ask me to feed him (at 2:00 in the morning!).

    Mindy 🙂

  • Lena Grey says:

    I’ve had all kinds of animals in my life and it’s hard to choose, but my favorite pet is a domestic rat, one named Fivel to be exact. He’d take naps with me, give me kisses and groom me, he’d come when I called him, and lots of others cool things. He was my best friend and I still miss him every day.

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