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I am writing a new scene in book 3 of our Orbus Arcana series where I need to describe the city of Verno to our readers.  The last 2/3′ of Book 3 – Love’s Last Bite – takes place in Verno, the capital of Order of Boreas of Orbus Arcana. The setting is as important as the characters. My job is to pepper in the description so the reader feels the pulse of the place.

Vina and I have created a fantasy vampire world of ice and snow. Since Vincent is Italian, we placed his beloved city in an ‘alternate’ Italian Alps. We added an imaginary sea and voila, a new region was created.

Although vampires embraced some technology, and are aware of the advances of the human world, their cities and government remain steeped in history and their towns reflect their need to hang on to the past.


These photographs show towns in the Italian Alps. We use these photos as a reference when describing Verno.

As you can see, Verno is a very romantic city with the river cutting through town, and the royal palace perched on the hill.















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