Mind Mapping For Writers

Sometimes when I’m stuck on a plot, I will mind map it. When Vina and I were trying to figure out who was after Vincent (Orbus Arcana), I used mind mapping to sort out the possibilities. The central theme was: Who is after Vince? My branches:

Who inherited the throne if Vince died

Political Differences

Murder Weapon

Who can Vince trust

Rival Families

I came up with ideas that I haven’t thought of before. It’s a great way to sort out your thoughts on scenes, plot points, characters even. You can outline concepts, details, character motives and conflicts. The list goes on.

There are mind mapping tools out there, but there’s nothing more fun than creating your own. These examples are from art journals but they give you an idea how much fun you can have when plotting out a scene!

Mind Map Journal VG

Mind Map RV

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