May Sizzling Excerpts – #1

For the month of May I’ll  be posting steamy excerpts – definitely must be 18 rated! I thought it’d be a fun way to usher in the hot steamy summer months coming our way. Especially here in the desert! I already cheated with posting a scene from Out Of Bounds last week. This week it’s a scene from the 1st book in my vampire series – Chances.

Stop here if you don’t like hot and heavy sex! ADULT excerpt:


In Last Chance, I have a shower scene featuring Aric (an almost vampire) fighting his lust. I used Aric’s blood lust as a catalyst for the sex scene between Stu and Aric that follows this scene:

His body ached, his hands shook, and it’d only get worse once he turned completely. His craving would consume any guilt he would feel. He’d cease to feel human emotions and become an empty shell of a man. Not a man at all—a creature feared and loathed.

He brought the underside of his arm to his mouth. The humming of his veins echoed in his ears. He bit down—hard.

A blissful pain shot through him. He smiled as his fangs sank deeper into his flesh. A needle-sharp point hit a vein. Red beads bubbled around the punctures. Not wasting a moment, he sucked the warm liquid, its life force nourishing his spirit. All his depression fell to the wayside, replaced by feelings of raw, unstoppable power.

Aric sucked harder, until his veins seized and the thick flow of blood trickled off into his mouth. He lifted his head, licking and swirling the sweet, metallic tang from his lips. As the taste hit his tongue, his body responded, his cock swelling, his balls pulling back. With his bloodlust eased, he now needed sexual release.

Aric tilted his head and sniffed, catching the scent of Stu through the walls. A heady craving to take Stu forcefully shocked him. He glanced at the bathroom door, wishing he’d locked it.

He let his sore arm dangle by his side. He licked the last drops of blood from his lips, his cock throbbing. He soaped his chest, letting the bar slick across his hardened nubs. Prickles of lust shot through his limbs as he slid the bar back and forth. His nipples were sensitive, and he scraped his thumbnail over the one pierced with a hoop. The rough touch made him jerk with pleasure.

He leaned back against the cool tile, and the shock of cold rubbed raw against the heat of his skin. One hand glided past his chest and his stomach and reached for the wiry curls nestling his cock. His other hand, soaped and ready, wrapped around the entire base. He squeezed his dick slowly as his thumb circled the head. Then he teased the slit with his finger, showering him in electric sparks.

His moan echoed across the room.

Too far gone to care what sounds he made, Aric began a rhythm of slow, easy strokes. The image of Stu floated in front of his eyes. He envisioned himself overpowering the jock with the skill of his mouth.

It was wrong…and horribly sexy.

FYI – Dirty Birdies Authors Site is also posting sizzling red hot excerpts for the month of May. Great authors with great excerpts!


Happy Reading!



One Response to May Sizzling Excerpts – #1

  • Tracey D says:

    DAG! That was hot indeed. I haven’t read Last Chance, yet, but I will soon!

    Thanks for sharing.

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