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I have four ebooks going right now. All four books are  are m/m fantasy and paranormal romances. I’m writing about vampires, Kresniks, angels and demons – oh, and throw in a God or two!

Two of the books I’m writing on my own, and two I’m writing with Vina.

Forbidden Bite (Book 4 of the Orbus Arcana series) should be the next book published, but as usual, we’re changing it up and so the first few chapters were set aside for a new idea. All of sudden an idea pops up and we go – Yeah, that’s too cool, let’s change it! Somehow we make it work between us. Vina has taught me that the small details of a relationship matters – the stroking of hair, the chin on the shoulder. The quiet moments shared by two people can be powerful. I hope that I’ve inspired her as well.

I feel that my individual writing has improved because of our working partnership. I have fun writing with another author – sharing ideas, brainstorming and then sharing in that wonderful feeling when we receive a great review for one of our books!




Redemption smaller version copyRedemption now available on Amazon for 3.99!

Buy link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00UW9RTHG

Thou shall not kill. An angel who sins may never find love again.




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