Last Word with Jessica Freely

Jessica Freely writes passionate m/m romance with a dangerous




Last Word

The last gift you bought for yourself: An orchid from Trader Joe’s. I put it on top of the printer in the corner of my office. Here’s hoping I don’t kill it!

The last time you said “I love you.” and meant it: About fifteen minutes ago, to my dog Ruthie. 🙂

The last song you sang out loud: “Lift Me Up” by Moby

The last movie you saw in a movie theater: The Hobbit

The last car you owned: A Ford Escape Hybrid.

The last sex toy you used: Hitachi Magic Wand, baby!

The last word you wrote: concern


In a world where being gay is unlawful and slavery is legal, two men fight for their lives, for their desires, and for justice.

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