Kiss is just a kiss. Not!

P.S: Hot and scorching inserts all the month of May!

“Why is a sweet girl like you writing m/m erotic romance?” I might not get asked this exact question but I see it in people’s eyes when they ask this question, a look of disbelief. Then the mask comes down, and I’m given a loopy confused smile.

Next question: “Ah, so how do you research the sex scenes?”

Followed by: “What does your husband think of your books?”

Well, my man is supportive of my writing, no matter the genre. He may not read my stories but he gets some of the benefits of my research, so well, he’s not complaining! I love writing m/m romance, and how two men can overcome their conflicting desires to find their HEA. It’s the romance that drives my stories and sex takes a passenger seat. While sex is an integral part of any intimate relationship, it’s not love. It can express the love between two people, but two people can have hot, wild passionate sex without this troublesome but necessary emotion getting in the way. With that said, the rest of my post will focus on SEX.

When I began to seriously consider writing m/m romance, I went to the local clean well lighted porno shop and purchased two gay sex manuals. The guy behind the cash register gave me a strange look, but he rang up the books and took my money. Then another author suggested buying GI Joe dolls (Rafe and Max) because they have movable joints! And boy, do they! I never knew that! If I have a sexual position I’m considering, but I’m doubtful it can be done, then I can use Rafe and Max to see if it works or not. Of course, it pays to have great editors who will scrutinize the sex scenes carefully, and point out any weird floating body parts.

And of course, I stress ‘safe sex’ in my contemporary stories because it’s the responsible thing to do. I have two paranormal series, one series set in the late 1940’s so this isn’t an issue. My vampire books, both Kresniks and vampires are immune to all human diseases. I can get away with my men not using condoms.

There are many ways for two men to get off besides penetration that can be just as hot and sexy. In Out of Bounds, the first sexual encounter between Titan and Chandler is frottage: rubbing against someone while clothed or naked to the point of climax. Titan is showing Chandler a piece of land he has for sale. It’s hot and when they come upon a pond, it’s too tempting to pass up. Titan strips to his briefs, jumps in. Then he urges Chandler to do the same.

Out of Bounds excerpt: HOT so be warned!

Standing back, he kept his grasp on Titan’s hips. A warm sensation washed through him. A few inches taller, Titan was broader and a hell of a lot stronger. So different from Alan, who had a slender body, a flexible willow weed that bent but never broke. But Alan wasn’t here with him. Titan was, and he was willing. Chandler tamped down the painful memories. He deserved a reprieve. Just one day where he could be happy without worrying about the outcome. This meant nothing more than what it was—two men getting it on, with no expectations.

“You’re beautiful.” Titan emphasized the word as he grazed his knuckles along Chandler’s cheek.

A flurry of butterflies fluttered in Chandler’s stomach. He nuzzled the sprinkle of chest hair and inhaled. The smell of sweat, river water, and cologne mingled into one erotic scent. His dick flared in reaction. He didn’t think he could get any harder. Titan tasted his neck and slowly worked his way along the shoulder as his arm held Chandler possessively around the waist. The slight push to his back brought them closer.

Titan’s nubs were so close to Chandler’s mouth. He sucked on one and released it as Titan gave sounds of encouragement. He licked around the nipple, the saltiness staying on his tongue. Then he went for the twin. He liked sucking and licking—nipples, cock. He rested his cheek on the firm chest and listened to Titan’s heartbeat.

“Don’t stop.”

Titan’s plea made Chandler smile, and he gently nipped the firm nub. This elicited a whimper, a sensual moan coming from such a powerful man. Before Chandler knew it, his shoulder was gripped tight, and his collarbone attacked by the coach’s slick tongue. He yelped when Titan’s mouth reached his armpit. A weak spot already discovered. Then, swiftly, he was yanked into Titan’s arms. Engulfed in all that male flesh, he shivered despite the heat from their bodies. Taut muscles pressed gently into him, as if Titan held back his strength, not wanting to harm. All his blood drained to his cock and balls. Teeth scraped his tender skin, and Chandler moaned, his legs shaking.

Hot—his skin burned so hot, even though he was standing in several inches of cold water. He grabbed firm ass cheeks, bunching the fabric of Titan’s briefs in his hands. One rough push and Titan’s cock ground into his, creating an incredible ache. His heart raced as one of Titan’s hands supported his nape. Gently, Titan pulled Chandler’s head forward to bring their lips together in a heated kiss. A kiss shouldn’t be this good. The friction unleashed a fire in his belly. His cock throbbed for more, and he set a gentle grind, then harder, rougher until they both grunted. Sweat dripped down his face and the back of his neck. He pressed forward, his head on Titan’s shoulder, his hands kneading that firm ass. His cock pushed against his boxers as it fought for freedom. Even this imprisonment excited him, the rough texture adding to the amazing sensations.

“Oh shit, it feels good.” His voice sounded faraway. He barely croaked out the sentence, losing himself in this man’s arms. It was crazy to feel this good—this soon—with a stranger. The tight coil of lust unraveled and ripped apart his control. He groaned and rocked, milking his climax as it rolled over him in waves. Titan came seconds later, digging in his fingers in an almost painful grip. Chandler fell into a deep well of sensations, and when he opened his eyes, he was still in Titan’s arms.

Hope you enjoyed the excerpt. I will be posting more hot and scorching excerpts for the month of May – 😉

Happy reading!

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