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FortheBiteofIt_200I love writing series. Maybe because I just have too much to say about my characters in one book. Or more likely, I hate to say goodbye to them. I have written series two ways – where the same hero/hero or heroine/hero are the featured characters OR as in my Woodland Village series, the main character is Woodland Village. Each story evolves around a couple that lives and plays in the village. What’s fun about WV is I get to revisit my older characters as they weave through each book. This also lets my readers revisit them as well.

The main challenge with series is keeping the facts straight. Especially if it’s a paranormal with world building. Case in point, my Orbus Arcana series (written with co-author Vina Grey) that features a vampire world with it’s own government, titles and special vampire laws and customs. The first three books feature Vince and John as their relationship progresses through troublesome times. The setting switches from Arizona to Verno as the story progresses. We have secondary characters that will eventually get their own story, or so we hope if readers enjoy the series.

When I step back from writing a series, and then come back to it, I need to refer to my CSI sheet! Character and Story Information Sheet. For Orbus Arcana, the sheet includes the political structure of vampire world, government titles, vampire laws, traits and phrases. And, there is the usual character names, physical and mental traits, familiar phrases they use, family background, fears, motives.

If I want to go more in depth in a character, I will make a CSI sheet per character. But I will talk about this in my next post.

Here is an example of a page of my Orbus Arcana CSI. I add to it as each book is written, and Vina and I discover more interesting details about our characters and their world:



Orbus Arcana – Hidden Circle

(West) Order of Vesper

(East) Order of Aurora

(South) Order of Auster

(North) Order of Boreās – Verno is the Capital (Alps in Italy/Swiss border)

Vampire Powers:

  • Glamor
  • Teleport
  • Telekinesis
  • Sense happenings, humans but a select few are real empaths (Angelo)
  • very physically strong
  • Live 1000 years or more
  • Stake to the heart with a crystal stake/or behead and burn the body
  • Drink liquor but they don’t get drunk except on arrack – the only drink that could intoxicate a vampire.
  • Vampires react badly to phenyl (Sweet and Low, Aspartame etc.
  • Self-heal only if well nourished with fresh blood

Vampire World and its government structure:

  • There are four orders.
  • Each order is ruled by a king and has its own ruling Council of Lords
  • The Jurisdictio governs the federal laws over all four orders and is govern by the Ancients – vampires that have lived over 500 years. The Superior Ancient leads the J and his name is Superior Ancient Vaggio.

Love and Peace!

Viki Lyn

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