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For The Bite of It

It’s official. Vina and I received our rights back for our vampire book – For The Bite of It. We renamed the series – Orbus Arcana – and have a new book cover designed by the wonderful Lex Valentine. We added 10,000 words and rewrote a new ending for our readers. We plan to self-publish the first book the first of March! The second book is written and that will be out in April. For my readers that purchased and read FBI Book One a few years ago, we will be putting this new rewritten version online for free the first couple of weeks – so you can read all the extras and new ending. 

I have a soft spot for Vincent and John, and Vina and I wanted their story told – with the new changes and additions, including more of Vincent’s vampire world – Orbus Aracana. 

Love and Peace!

Viki Lyn


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