I’m such a dweeb!

As I wrote yesterday, I thought my computer was dead – I mean really DEAD. It wouldn’t turn on with the battery or plugged into my power strip. So I unplugged my computer and power cord and set it on my table, ready to take it to my computer guy. About an hour later, I decided to see if it would turn on. I plugged it into my dining room socket – and my computer booted right up! Also, it showed it was charging my battery which was completely drained.

Strange…but computers do have a mind of their own. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks falling over my head — I must have accidentally hit the power strip button (in my office) before I went to bed last night. I keep my computer on sometimes, and so it drained the battery. And, since the power strip was off – when I went to turn it on, nothing happened! I had to text my computer guy and tell him not to come (too embarrassed to tell him what I did) – and then I went to Best Buy and bought an external hard drive – and backed up ALL my files!!! Just in case…

I’m not hearing the end of it from my husband and friends, because, well, if there’s a computer issue they come to me! What a way to end my week, but at least it ended happily – just like my books!



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