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Leo was interviewed at the Musa Blog today – here’s a snippet and the URL to the full interview. Find out what makes Leo blush!

Musa Publishing Blog Post:

I’m trying to be professional here, but it’s almost impossible with ultra famous rock star Leo Hamil about to enter the office. Leo has played all over the world with his legendary band and has promised to talk about his personal life and Lover’s Trill. Please give me the strength not to beg him for an autograph!

Thank you for coming to chat with us today. Why do you think Viki Lyn chose you to represent her?
*Leo rakes his hand through his long silver hair* Well, I know for a fact that she loves my music. And she confessed to me that she always wanted to be a rock star. She has a thing for all those androgynous rockers of the glam era. *He grins, pointing to himself* Kinda how I look.

Tell us a little about yourself?
I’m the lead singer of Fourth Counterpoint and write most of the music. That’s my true passion, composing and writing. It’s okay to be center stage, but man, sometimes my fans really freak me out. I’ve been rushed onstage before and they practically tore off my clothes. READ FULL INTERVIEW HERE

Also had a wonderful review for Lover’s Trill at The Romance Reviews: From the time Andre invites the flamboyant and vibrant Leo back to his hotel room to everything that leads up to these two men rekindling their relationship, the story itself is like a symphony of notes played out in the wonderful and evocative background of the music world, both men so different in their outlooks and yet so much the same in everything that counts.READ FULL REVIEW here

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