Happy Valentine’s Day

I have a couple of Valentine’s Day posts on Dirty Birdies and Darker Temptations that I want to share with you. Who is the most romantic of my couples and what they might do for Valentine’s Day. 🙂

Different Romance Strokes for Different Folks

I am not a romantic…sentimental, yes, but romantic, no. My husband is much more into romance than I am, which is ironic, since I write romance. Maybe living it out in my fantasies is enough for me. Anyway, with that said, I’m going to focus on my character’s view of romance. :)

I have vampires on my mind lately because I’m reissuing For The Bite Of It next month, along with never before published Book 2 and Book 3 in the following months. Vincent (the vampire hero of the series) is definitely the romantic one – John being too pragmatic and a realist when it comes to love and relationships. He puts up with Vin because, well, the man is just too darn sexy and charming, and that’s without using his vampire glamour on John (He’d never do that or at least, if he did, rarely!).

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Be My Valentine

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5327816008_d3189e1a8c_nI find it ironic that I’m not into Valentine’s Day, be it that I write romance. Some of my characters are much more into it – the more romantic being Skye, Ryan and John from Woodland Village. Their partners are either too pragmatic or too busy to think about what day it is…

Skye is an artist and has a creative and sensitive soul, and he is not afraid to display his emotions. His partner Drew is reserved and keeps his emotions close to his chest – so he’d have a difficult time with Valentine’s Day. The best he’d come up with is taking Skye out to dinner to a nice restaurant with an elegant and quiet atmosphere. I’d bet he’d skip on the present and rely on a card for his sentiment.

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