Getting ready for GRL

I’m packing my bags and getting ready to attend GayRomLit – and very excited to meet so many wonderful m/m authors I’ve read and admired for so long. I’m going as an author but really, I’m a fangirl mostly. It’ll be so nice to talk about writing among my peers and know they won’t be bored! My husband and friends can only take so much. LOL

I’m winding down my whirlwind schedule that has been non-stop since this summer. I put the finishing edits on Sins of Lust and know it’s in the capable hands of my editor and hopefully will be ready for the line editor next. I should get a release date within the next two weeks. It’s now out of my hands, and while that’s scary for a writer, it’s also exhilarating to know it’s on its way toward publication.

I also finished the first draft of the second book of Exile Vampire (For The Bite Of It). Vina (my co-author) and I worked hard in writing a satisfying ending since the first book is rather vague in what happens next. We’re bad! We plan for book 3, but as happened to us this year, life sometimes gets in the way. Many life changes meant a delay in writing book 2. But it’s almost completed where we can send it off to our editor. We hope we can quickly write the third and final edition in the next few months. We’ll see where life takes us!

This leaves me with a clean slate for the next couple of months. I have ideas in what I’d like to accomplish but I’m not quite sure yet. Oh, and I’ve joined another group blog – Darker Temptations – and we are blogging about villians we love to hate. Great blog posts from Sabrina Garie, Tina Christopher, Leta Blake…and more.

Happy Reading!


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