Fav Swag!



I didn’t pick up too much swag at the GRL conference but I couldn’t resist this one! Isn’t it cute 🙂 My very own dragon. Although I haven’t read Amber Kell’s books I plan on it. They look too good to pass up – like this dragon. Hmm. What should I name him?


2 Responses to Fav Swag!

  • Judi P says:

    Love amber kell! you’ll enjoy her books too, I think. xD
    ehehe.. For dragons it always goes back to the 1996 movie…. “Dragon Heart”. All I can think to name dragons is Draco (which was voiced by the awesome Sean Connery). lol

    • Viki Lyn says:

      Can you believe I missed Dragon Heart! I will have to check out that movie. I really love Sean Connery and his voice especially. Amber Kell’s books do look awesome. I would like to write a true fantasy some day. 🙂

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