Fast and furious month ahead…

First, thank you to my new subscribers to my blog and those who have stuck it out with me! Many of you joined during the Musa Anniversary blog hop. I have all sorts of exciting things happening, books I’ve completed for publication and events throughout the year. It’s going to be a crazy month ahead, and by the look of it, into the next year.

Are you going to dress up this year? I haven’t worn a costume for a very long time and probably won’t again this year. But I love seeing all the kids dressed up. I mean, who doesn’t like dress-up? One of my favorite costumes I ever had was when I dressed like a fortune teller. I even got to wear my mother’s hoop earrings and to this day I mostly wear hoops in my ears.

GayRomLit is only a week away! I’m going to be a fan girl more than an author. Are any of you going? I’d love to know and maybe we can meet

This week I will be hosting a contest at Kate Hill’s Halloween page on Friday, October 12 – – stop in and get a chance to win. Leo and Andre from Lover’s Trill are in costume. Can you guess what they would wear for costumes? They go to a Vienna costume ball in Lover’s Trill, but these costumes are different and hint of their passions! Read it on Kate Hill’s Halloween page.

This week I’m blogging at Darker Temptations – the blog has been revamped and all the authors are giving away stuff. You can check it out at: My post is on Thursday. Also I’m blogging about Spooktastic sex on Dirty Birdies Authors ~ Pervs of a Feather also on Thursday: –

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