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I write m/m romances and while I won’t claim to have the hottest books around, they do have sex in them. *grin* And so, I decided to post a deleted scene from a WIP of mine:

This is a deleted scene from the third book of Chances vampire series that I’m writing – No Chance. The scene features ex-vampire Johan and his lover, Kresnik vampire slayer, Corbin Hamilton. For those who read Fighting Chance, you know Johan and Corbin very well, and how they met. Actually, they met in Last Chance, the first book.

A little bit of history: Johan and Corbin talked of taking the Patrim Oath, a Kresnik ritual that would bind them for life. But Johan, an ex-vampire is concerned that Corbin doesn’t trust Johan completely. He’s reluctant to take the oath until he’s sure about Corbin.

Please excuse the typos since this is unedited! Also, X-rated – so read at your own risk.

Johan sidled next to his lover so stealthy that even Corbin looked up in surprise. He sat on the log and shoved his hip into Corbin for more room. Corbin shoulder’s jerked. “Shit, don’t sneak up on me like that.”

Corbin kept his head down so Johan slid his thumb across Corbin’s chin to get his attention. “You’re deep in thought, liebling.”

Corbin scooted an inch away, but Johan refused to be brushed off. He’d learned a lot about his lover since he moved in with him. It was best to confront Corbin without hesitation or he’d shut down his emotions faster than the snap of a clam shell. “You were very close to being rude to the Krevae.”

“I don’t trust him or the Vaidi.” Corbin’s voice held a tremor of uncertainty that told Johan there was more to Corbin’s brooding that trust issues. Corbin continued in a tight voice. “All that secrecy stuff is bullshit. You know it had to do with the Red Serpent.”

Johan laughed. “You don’t like being left out. Maybe it’s because it has nothing to do with you.”

Corbin’s eyes narrowed. “You’re making fun of me.

“No, no,” Johan waved his hand in the air, and practically purred. “All that hot passion inside of you is a turn on.”

Corbin pushed at Johan’s chest. “Christ, stop sprouting nonsense.”

Johan’s bloodlust spiked at the sight of the fire burning in Corbin’s eyes. He laughed at his lover’s annoyance because beneath Corbin’s icy exterior was a man burning as hot as he was. Corbin no longer fooled him with his sharp tongue so he moved his hand over Corbin’s thigh, loving the feel of hard muscle beneath the fabric of his pants.

Corbin pushed his hip forward and Johan’s hand slip easily over his erection. Johan’s lust hit him hard like a sucker punch, the feeling wonderful. His fangs began to drop, and it took all of his will to retract them. This wasn’t the time, but he wanted to fuck Corbin since returning to the safe house. He always got this way after a battle, and he knew how much his lover liked to have sex in return.

He sighed, letting his lust simmer down. For all his teasing, he wanted Corbin to open up and trust him with his problems. “You’re not telling me everything. This goes deeper.”

“Fuck it.” Corbin abruptly stood and begin to pace, barely missing a patch of mushrooms sprouting from patch of grass.

Johan approached him. Once he reached his lover, he rested his hand on his shoulder. “Are you still blaming yourself for the feud?” Corbin’s temples visibly pulsated. Johan pushed harder. “Listen to me. We are all better off that Hor is dead. I have no regrets helping you kill him.”

“It’s not only that.”

“Then what? Talk to me Cor, please.”

“The serum has stopped working, hasn’t it? You’re not changing anymore.”

Johan’s stomach sank. So the truth was out. He had wanted to discuss it with Corbin when the mood was right, but lately, they have been too busy fighting Red Serpents to have any down time. Johan thought back on the last few months and his transformation from taking the AV serum. His blood makers had morphed and changed but he hadn’t been turned back into a human. Instead, he had transformed into a half-vampire/ half-Kresnik. His emotional nature emerged from the depths of darkness, and his voracious need to feed on human blood had ebbed. But more importantly, his heart opened up to accept love again.

He sighed. And, those were just the major changes, changes he had embraced fully. There never was a moment when he regretted taking the serum. He only had to look at Corbin to know that.

“I’m not even sure I could turn a human anymore? I certainly don’t want to.”

Corbin’s frown caused a deep vertical line between his brows. “Are you sure that’s wise to stop completely?”

Johan’s breath caught in his throat, but he smiled. “Aric is monitoring my blood markers. We need to see if the serum causes a permanent change. That can only be ascertained if I stop using it.”

Corbin strode up to Johan, the fire-lit eyes now blazing. “He’s using you as a lab rat. What if you start regressing and you turn back into…into…”

“A full-fledged vampire.” Johan’s stomach soured at the disgust in Corbin’s voice. Sure, he was terrified of turning back, but he loved Corbin and even a vampire’s heart held this sacred. He grabbed Corbin’s arm, digging into the flesh with his fingers. He wanted to shake the prejudice out of his lover. “Who do you see when you look at me? A vampire, Krensik, a freak?”

“Christ, no!” Corbin yanked his arm free. “Fucking no!”

Johan let his fangs drop in full display. “I can’t cut out my vampire nature anymore than I could cut out my human heart. It’s part of who I am.”

Corbin flexed his hands, the same hands that could fry Johan on the spot. It didn’t stop Johan from stepping toward Corbin. “I asked you who you see?”

Corbin stood his ground, fisting his hands as he lowered them to his sides. “Put those fangs away for fuck’s sake. You’re different from them.”

“The compulsive need for blood has lessened but I can’t promise you it’ll never return, can I.”

Corbin stood still as if he were a statue. A shudder of fear ran thought Johan. He had gone too far but he couldn’t stop now. Johan crossed his arms to keep from shaking. Good lord, he hated himself sometimes, baiting Corbin, but he needed to strip away all pretense if they were going to survive together.

“You’re not like the others. You still had your humanity but that’s also why I don’t support the damn serum. There’s no guarantee other vampires will be like you.”

Johan exhaled realizing he’d been holding his breath. “You wouldn’t be able to trust them. Not completely. But with me, you put aside your prejudice?”

Corbin face flushed. “What the hell are you saying?”

“You trust me now, but what about in the future? How can you ever be sure I won’t turn on you?”

Corbin rushed toward Johan and shoved him back, forcing Johan’s back to a tree. Corbin was on him in a flash, his hands gripping Johan’s shoulders, shaking him. “Fuck you. I’ve given you my blood. I’d take a knife in the heart for you!”

Johan wrestled Corbin back with some difficulty. He’d regret asking, but Corbin had to face the truth. “Tell me that you never think about me turning against you.”

Corbin’s shoulders slumped, his gaze pointed past Viktor’s shoulder. There was nothing to look at but the bark of the tree. Viktor looked upward, the sunset leaving behind purplish gray clouds. The mist had thickened and toads croaked loud and strong. After seconds ticked by and Corbin hadn’t moved, Johan wondered if he had destroyed what little faith Corbin had in him.

Corbin grabbed the fabric of Johan’s sleeve. He gave it a tug. “You’ll never hurt me.”

That slight brush of his shirt was enough to cause Johan’s heart to skip. He loved Corbin too much, too deeply. Corbin pushed into Johan’s embrace and placed his head on Johan’s shoulder. The soft short hairs tickled Johan’s skin. Lips brushed Johan’s neck, sending a thrill down his spine. When Corbin stepped away, Johan reached for him, out of instinct, but also out of need. Johan hugged Corbin tightly to him again, needing his warmth. He spoke the words that he knew he had to say, but hated saying them.

“We shouldn’t take the Patrim Oath, not until you’re sure.”

Corbin backed out of Johan’s grasp, holding him at arm’s length. Corbin muttered under his breath. “When did love get so fucking complicated?”

Johan’s heart slipped. So Corbin wouldn’t argue with him. He picked up a stick and tossed it, turning away from his lover. He heard the rustling of dead leaves as Corbin moved toward him. Johan’s chest hurt as if someone stepped on it. Sometimes his life with Corbin seemed a dream, too perfect to be real. Maybe it was. His stomach swished from nerves but he’d ask anyway.  “Do you ever think of leaving me?”

“Like I ever could…” Corbin touched Johan’s back. “Look at me, lover.”

Corbin turned Johan around by the shoulders and anchored Johan by holding his face in his hands. “Let’s put the issue of the serum aside. We’ll take the Patrim Oath because I want us bound for life. You’re my partner, friend, lover, and the most important person in my life. That’s my credo I live by now.” A blush fused Corbin’s face. “I know that I’m difficult…”

“I can’t take the oath when you’re not a hundred percent sure about me.”

Corbin’s face darkened. “You’re not listening to me.”

Johan understood how hard it was for Corbin to say the words when confronting his feelings. He appreciated the effort, and the sentiment, but the seriousness of the Patrim Oath surpassed mere sentimentality. He wouldn’t take advantage of Corbin’s wishful thinking that Johan wasn’t tainted by his past. And while he fought alongside Kresniks, he felt compassion for the vampires that wanted to live peacefully or change their lives.

Johan signed. “I don’t want us to fight.”

Corbin crossed his arms. “That’s what we do best.”

Johan pried Corbin’s arms apart, and stared straight into his eyes, glad when Corbin didn’t draw back. He ran his hands across Corbin’s hair and kissed him. Hands clutched the back of his shirt as the familiar taste of Corbin filled him inside. It always did, and would always make him warm and hungry. No matter how many arguments between them, Corbin was the only partner for him.

The kiss stirred his lust, his cock reacting from semi-soft to a full erection. He groaned as Corbin’s teeth nipped the tender area of his neck. Then his chin was tightly grasped. Corbin’s blue eyes were bright in the dimming light. “Stu’s nearby.”

Johan smiled as he rubbed his erection against Corbin’s groin. “He’ll know better than to come around. I don’t smell a vampire within a mile from here.”

Corbin laughed. “You’re here. As you keep reminding me.”

Glad to see Corbin’s humor back, he teased back. “I don’t count. You want this vampire.”

“Christ, you’re a handful.” Corbin kissed Johan, thrusting in his tongue, reaching deep, not bothering for subtly.

Johan unbuttoned Corbin’s uniform down to his waist so he could slip in his hand to where he wanted it, wrapped around that nice thick cock. He encircled Corbin’s erection and stroked the length slowly. He loved how Corbin’s body strained with lust, and how those strong hands grabbed at his shirt, tugging it free from his waistband.

Corbin unbuttoned Johan’s shirt with practiced ease and slipped his shirt off his shoulders. He pressed his hand on Johan’s bare chest. “Ah, yeah, feels good but fuck, go faster.”


“Fuck patience.” Corbin grabbed a strand of Johan’s hair and tugged him to his mouth. Johan thrust his tongue inside to taste Corbin again. His fangs dropped. It couldn’t be helped now that Corbin ignited his lust. He was still enticed by the scent of his lover’s blood. That would never change.

Corbin pulled back and touched one of Johan’s fangs. He ran his finger down the slick surface and the tip pricked his finger. Johan groaned deeply as he spied the blood. Without a word, he grabbed Corbin’s finger and sucked the red bead. Sexual need radiated off Corbin as Johan continued to suck in the blood. The heat from Corbin’s body raised the hairs on his arms and he wanted to touch him everywhere. Devour him. Own him.

Johan smiled because his partner would never submit to him completely. His lover was too stubborn and challenging even when they made love. Johan didn’t care. He liked having a strong partner in his bed and in his life. Corbin understood what it meant to kill, to survive on sheer will and the pain that came with the territory. Corbin gave him what he needed, love and warmth to ease the horror of taking a life.

As Corbin’s blood coursed through him, Johan sucked in Corbin’s fingers one at a time. Corbin’s face took on soft edges as he moaned with every suck and lick. With each finger, he swirled his tongue around the digit, and mimicked what he’d like to do with Corbin’s cock in his mouth. Not that they had time for that tonight. Tonight it’d be quick.

He kissed Corbin’s generous mouth stifling his lover’s groans. He couldn’t get enough of his taste the addiction intoxicating.

They sank to their knees as Johan fought for more tongue. Corbin pushed him on the ground and straddled him. Before Johan could blink, his pants were unzipped and shoved down around his knees, his cock sprung free. The cool air hit and sent a charge through him. Dried twigs and crushed leaves bit into his ass and tangled in his hair, but he didn’t register the pain. Not when Corbin’s cock aimed directly toward Johan’s face. Johan licked his lips, tempted to bring it into his mouth. Before he could, Corbin tugged Johan’s hand forward. Johan got the hint when Corbin leaned enough so Johan could grasp his cock in his hand.

“So that’s what you want.” They have been together long enough for Johan to know the exact amount of pressure to use to get his lover excited. And Corbin already showed the signs of it by his heavy breathing and dilated eyes.  They didn’t have to speak instructions of what turned them on. Not anymore, not after months of living together.

Johan warmed from that knowledge. Having a partner to share his life meant everything to him. He loved Corbin and would die for him. Corbin’s deep throated groans were an affirmation that he liked what Johan was doing. Corbin leaned over and dug his fingers into Johan’s hair, the crack of Corbin’s ass nestling Johan’s erection, teasing Johan’s control.

Johan rubbed Corbin’s muscular back now tight with tension. He sensed his lover reluctance to let go for that final push. They liked to play games in bed, and Corbin held out long as possible so Johan climaxed first.

Johan smiled wickedly. He knew where to touch Corbin, and it’d be all over. He had the advantage in his position, calling the shots by the rhythm of his strokes. Corbin for all of his arrogance and self-assurance was still young. Johan had centuries over him and a lover from his past that taught him well. It was fun to tease Corbin, to see him lose his control, to beg.

Johan slowed down his strokes to an agonizing pace. Corbin’s eyes widened and he yanked Johan’s hair. “Fuck’s sake, what are you doing to me?”

That was begging to Corbin, and Johan laughed.  “Then surrender.” Johan fingered Corbin asshole, enough to bring Corbin to climax.

Corbin arched his back and groaned enough to wake up every Voydyanoy in the area. Certainly Stu heard them, but then, he’d stay away.

Corbin’s voice was a low throated groan. “I’m almost there. I want you to come with me. Let go.” He tugged at Johan’s hand.

Johan stopped his stroking and grabbed onto Corbin’s hips. Fingers dug into Johan’s biceps. Corbin lowered enough to rub their cocks together. He moved in an unsteady jerky motion to keep the friction going. This was the only time Johan saw Corbin loose his gracefulness. Corbin never wasted his movements nor did anything short of perfection.

The sweet friction of cock against cock sent Johan’s heart pounding. His palms trembled and his breathing turned ragged. The warmth from Corbin blanketed Johan. The tightness in Johan’s groin unraveled. Lust shot through him, so hard it rocked his foundation, of what little he had left.

Corbin shouted along with Johan, climaxing together. They rolled on the ground, the moist dirt clinging to Johan’s sweaty skin. When Johan came down he untangled from Corbin and sat up. “Come here.”

Corbin leaned back in the crook of Johan’s arm. His head rested on Johan’s shoulder. “I love you so let’s not argue about the oath.”

“Fine. We will drop it for now.” Johan wouldn’t change his mind, not until he Corbin came to terms with Johan’s past. Maybe they’d never take the final oath, but he didn’t need words or a ritual to know he’d be with Corbin until the end of his existence.

Happy Reading!

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For archangel Razi-el, he had no choice. He would break God’s commandment again if it were to save Uri-el from a demon’s talons. Yet even God’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. No longer Razi-el, he is now Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

When a Protector kills an angel, Izar is summoned to work alongside Uri-el to capture the killer. Izar is shocked when his bloodlust spikes hot for the archangel. He knows better than to go after forbidden fruit. Refusing to give in to temptation, he ignores his body’s tempestuous arousal for Uri-el until a heated argument turns his blood into molten lust.

As they rush to find the killer, their passion plays into the demon’s plan. Izar will have to make a choice between life and death if he is to save Uri-el again. http://www.ellorascave.com/sins-of-lust.html

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