Creating A Imaginary World.

B1MrbMQIEAA__bdThe third book in the Orbus Arcana series is shaping up. And, it’s several pages more than the last two books. For one, we need to answer all or most of the questions brought up in the first two books. Wrap up the John and Vince’s relationship arc. Another reason for the length is this book is set in the Orbus Arcana world, which means more world building and a tad more description. We want our readers to visualize Vince’s world and also see it through John’s eyes.

Last time I posted pictures of Verno, Vince’s beloved capital city. This rock promontory you see is where Vince likes to go to forget about his problems. His favorite place of meditation. Not an easy climb, but if you’re a vampire, well that’s no problem. You just teleport to the point. 🙂 Not that Vince always teleports everywhere. Vampires are very polite and they will walk places, and not just show up unexpectedly in someone’s home. Even in bars, vampires will walk in, so not to suddenly materialize in a room and scare the ”fangs’ out of someone.



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