Computer Crash!

Of all the years I’ve been on a computer I never had the blank screen of death! But this morning, I woke up and – ugh! My computer will not turn on…nada, zilch, no matter that I unseated the battery and seated it again, unplugged my power cord and plugged it in again, prayed over it, nothing…which means, what did I lose if I have to buy a new laptop AND I can’t transfer my files from my hard drive to my new computer? Luckily, my m.s’s are saved on my Dropbox, including my WIPS…but that means I’d lost my latest chapters that I wrote yesterday – big lesson I’m learning…get an external hard drive! Not to mention all the bookmarks I’ve saved. Annoying and frustrating – but maybe it was time for me to purge some of my files…I just wanted to be the one to control it!


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