Charlie Cochrane shares her guilty pleasures

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Charlie refuses to confirm that grin’s because she’s stalking John Barrowman’s civil partner.


What is your:

Your guilty TV show? Monkey Business/Monkey Life. Seen most of the episodes half a dozen times and still adore it. Open All Hours would come a close second.

Your food addiction? In addition to the evening bowl of cereal, I need to have my morning one or I’m grumpy all day. And a couple of jelly babies after lunch. Which reminds me that I need to replenish supplies of those. We’re running dangerously low.

Your beauty addiction? I think I’ve gone past that, if I was ever into it at all. I do like good quality moisturizers, for both face and body. And classy scent. (Maybe I haven’t gone past that at all!)

Your go-to clothing for seduction? LOL I’ve been married nearly 32 years. My blue PJs with the Christmas cows on work just fine. 🙂

Hidden in the closet? Some of my dad’s war souvenirs. (Don’t panic! There’s not a Mauser or anything…)



What happens when everything you thought you knew about your closest friend turns out to be a lie? And you’re left to pick up the pieces?

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Thank you Charlie for indulging us with your guilty pleasures! Be sure to check out Charlie’s latest book, and you can catch us both a Flirty Author Bitches!

Happy Reading!



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