Bram Stoker’s Bday!

By jdurham – Morgue Files


It’s Bram Stoker’s 165th birthday. The Irish author who gave us Dracula probably had no idea that he’d ignite a vampire craze that’s lasted over a hundred years! I’ve never read the book but of course I grew up with Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee’s portrayals of the vampire. During my teens I was enraptured with TV’s Dark Shadows. In my twenties I discovered ‘art films’ and was creeped out by the German film – Nosferatu. The first vampire book I read was Anne’s Rice Interview With A Vampire and it’s still my favorite.

What’s your first vampire memory?


One Response to Bram Stoker’s Bday!

  • Tracey D says:

    I watched Dark Shadows after school every day (yeah, I’m that old) and just loved it. The first vampire book I read was Blood Games by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro. I’ve been hooked on vampire books ever since.

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