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Welcome to ‘Musa Books I Love’ Blog Hop! The Hop will be hopping from February 16 through 19. There are plenty of give aways and fun books to discover, so visit as many sites as you can. My give away is listed at the end of my post. Here’s also a link to the Blog

The hop has been a great way for me to catch up on some new authors and genres that I don’t normally read. I downloaded several books but haven’t been able to read all of them yet.

I write m/m romance and read a lot of it – so I decided to go in another direction when chosing the books I wanted to read for the hop. I picked a f/f love story and a thrilller/horror story. I’m really glad I ventured outside my self-imposed reading box!.

 The first book I read was Song of Sappho: Lily in Bloom by Marie-Elise Basset.

A lovely widow discovers that she isn’t frigid; she just lacked the right partner in bed–her brother’s governess.

This is a historical GLBT romance set in Victorian times. It’s a wonderfully written short story, with very erotic sexually intimacy between two women in a time when women’s roles were restrictive and sexual stifling. Lily is sweet natured but also bold in her determination to leave England and set out for foreign lands. She knows there’s a world out there that is exotic and as different as her life she wants to leave behind.

I look forward to reading more in Marie’s Sappho series. Learn more about Marie’s book click here. And join her Facebook page!

The next book I read was House and Garden by Deb Victoroff. A story that slowly builds to its horrorifying conclusion.


An isolated country house on a parcel of overgrown land refuses to be gentrified by a girl from the city who is gradually terrorized by the nature that surrounds her.

Wow, home ownership was taken to whole new level. I love how Deb slowly builds up the tension and horror in this short story. She takes daily occurances and twists them around, and something as innocent as gardening becomes something dark and dangerous. Another beautifully written book published by Musa!

Learn more about Deb’s book click here. And join her Facebook page!

Other books I’ve purchased but haven’t read yet are:

L.B. Gregg’s – Second Cornwall Novella – Simple Gifts
David Pilling – Exiles
A.M Author – Prodigal

I look foward to reading them.

I’ve very proud to be a Musa Author and in the company of such wonderful authors. My m/m contemporary series – Woodland Village – has found a new home with Musa. The first two books – Blue Skye and Ryan’s Harbor, were re-edited, re-formatted. Blue Skye came out January and Ryan’s Harbor will be out the first of March. In April, book 3 will be released – John’s Match.


As Skye inspected the gallery, Drew studied him. He’d changed from the coltish teenager he’d kissed under a starless night so long ago. Now Skye showed up, six foot two inches of hard muscle, with ridiculously rich brown hair and those unforgettable gray eyes that were too seductive to be legal. Skye’s crisp white shirt stretched over his broad chest, his muscular physique refusing to be held in by a mere shirt. Even from where Drew stood, a whiff of oil paint and clean soap invaded the air around him.

Skye gazed at him, his face lit with boyish enthusiasm. “My work’s going to look awesome here. Carl told me he hired you. You did a fantastic job.”

Drew shrugged off Skye’s compliment. “The building had good bones.” It was easy to enhance the original warm red brick, the thick hewn wood beams and the numerous, wide, rectangular windows facing the street.

Skye stopped near a leather chair, his lean fingers resting on the headrest, mild humor curving his lips. “Your reputation’s deserving. I went to see the Johnson Building.”

The skyscraper had garnered a lot of press because of its innovative roofline, becoming a favorite landmark among New Yorkers.

Drew warily watched Skye sit in the chair, his jeans too tight to miss the restraint of his firm muscles. He cleared his parched throat, reaching for his water bottle. Empty. Damn. He tossed it in the waste basket.

 I also have a short story — Lover’s Trill — in the GLBT anthololgy More Love Notes.

Short Excerpt:

Lover’s Trill, included in More Love Notes, copyright 2012, Musa Publishing

Happy to wander aimlessly, Leo slipped his hands into his fleeced-lined jacket. Living in LA, he forgot how cold it could be in February. He turned the corner and sputtered to a halt. Staring at the poster pasted to the side of a building, he didn’t need to read the name spelled in bold letters across the poster to know who it was. He could never forget that face in rapture — when playing or getting off. Music and sex had invoked the same feelings in Andre Revele. Passion was passion, and that man always had both in spades.

The black and white picture showed Andre playing the violin. Numbness swept across Leo as he stared at Andre caressing the bow in those slender-fingered hands — such artistic hands on a large man. It had been love at first sight — or at least lust — when Leo had walked into the practice room.

He could still remember a youthful Andre, not quite grown into his robust physique, as he played the last stanza of Bach’s Concerto in E. The violin’s notes had faded into magic dust, the music echoing in the atmosphere long after the performance was over. Bright green eyes peered through dark lashes and sensual pouty lips morphed into a shy smile. That’s all it took for the seed of love to be planted in Leo’s musical heart.

He scanned the poster for the dates of the virtuoso’s concert. Tomorrow night was the last performance. Leo shuffled on his feet, unable to move away. He bit his lip and traced the image of Andre. Did he dare go?

For a fun celebration I will give away a digital copy of More Love Notes – so leave a comment, your email where I can contact you, and tell me what Musa book you’re reading! I will pick a winner at the end of the hop.

Have fun hopping!  

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Viki Lyn

22 Responses to Musa Books I Love Blog Hop

  • Viki says:

    Kirby – you won a copy of More Love Notes! Please contact me with your email address so I can send you the book! Congrats. And thank you everyone who commented and participated in Musa’s first blog hop! Viki

  • Viki Lyn says:

    Sunday already, and the last day of the blog hop. I finished the final draft of John’s Match and sent it to my editor yesterday! 🙂 This morning I’m going to play a round of golf – which will force me to leave the house and get some needed fresh air! It’s very nice in desert – Thanks for the comments. I really enjoy hearing from readers. I will be choosing a winner to my giveaway by tomorrow morning and will post the name on my blog. Viki

  • Thank you for the reviews of some books I hadn’t seen yet. I’ve never read m/m or f/f but I believe Musa is opening up my reading vistas. Nice excerpt.

  • Popping in towards the end. Colds in the house. Great timing…not! LOL. The only books I’ve read at Musa so far are the free short stories by Celina and the Cornwall Novellas by L.B.Gregg, but I loved them all and will definitely be writing more. I was so impressed, I’m delighted to be part of Musa.

  • Love all Musa books and authors. 🙂

  • Viki Lyn says:

    Good morning! It’s now the second day of the blog hop. I hope to get through my edits for John’s Match. It’s the third book in my Woodland Village series – and spanking brand new. 🙂 It’s wonderful to see so many people hopping from blog to blog. I have a few more to visit – and hope to get to everyone’s by the end of the hop on Sunday. I’ll post the winner of my book on my blog Monday. 🙂 Viki

  • What a great list. thanks Viki.

  • Nya Rayne says:

    I haven’t read Love Notes yet, but it defintely on my list of must reads. Good luck to you!!

  • Viki Lyn says:

    Hi Everyone. Checking in. So exciting to see all these comments! I’ve been visiting other blogs, too. I’m so glad it’s going to last four days, giving me some time to get to everyone 🙂 Viki

  • Kirby says:

    I have never read a M/M romance but now I think I want to read these. Thank you for opening my eyes to other romances 🙂

    • Viki says:

      Kirby – you won a copy of More Love Notes! Please contact me with your email address so I can send you the book! Congrats. And thank you everyone who commented and participated in Musa’s first blog hop! Viki

  • Cindi Myers says:

    All these books sound really intriguing!

  • Arley Cole says:

    I have so got to put House and Garden on my TBR list! It’s overflowing with great reads!!! Nice reviews!!

  • Libby Mercer says:

    Your recommendations all sound great, Viki, and so do your books! More titles for my ever-growing list 🙂

  • Viki Lyn says:

    It’s so great to hear what people are reading! Thank you Sara for your comment about Lover’s Trill. And, I’m thrilled this was one of your first m/m book you picked up! I love writing two hot men together, and reading it as well. I better get back to John’s Match – book 3 of my Woodland Village series – I hear Liz cracking the whip 🙂

  • Liz Silver says:

    I loved Lily in Bloom! and I’ve been thinking about adding House and Garden to my TBR, and now I might have to!

    Great post,Viki!

  • Sara Daniel says:

    Viki, I loved Leo and Andre’s story in More Love Notes. It was one of the first m/m books I read. I’ll definitely be coming back for more. I’ll have to check out the Songs of Sapphos books, as well.

  • Kerry says:

    I loved all Marie’s Songs of Sappho books too! I had heard so many good things about House and Garden that I read it one night before bed (I was worried I’d be kept awake all night, since I’m more a light, sweet, romance before bed reader than “the scary”!!) and giggled and giggled at the vines. 🙂 Great choices!
    Blue Skye is on my TBR list, the very very long list, but I can’t wait to read all about Skye and Drew! Loved the interview on the Musa blog today 🙂

  • June Kramin says:

    Great suggestions. I have House & Garden on my TBR pile. I just finished 4 Musa books. I moved on to Gini’s Alien Proliferation for now. Hey – she’s still a Musa author 😉

  • Viki Lyn says:

    Thanks Amaleen! I will check out Above Haldis. Viki

  • Amaleen Ison says:

    Some cracking book suggestions. Like you, I’ve downloaded lots of Musa books, but haven’t had the time to read many of them. The only one I’ve read from beginning to end is Above Haldis Notch by Keith Pyaett. I was very impressed.
    I’m hoping my life slows down enough to dive into my TBR pile soon.
    Hope you have a successful blog hop.

  • Viki Lyn says:

    Hi All,

    Tomorrow is the start of MUSA BOOKS I LOVE blog hop. There will be giveaways and fun posts to read about some of our fav books. So have fun and leave a comment here and get a chance to win a digital copy of More Love Notes – tell me what Musa book you’re reading or would like to read – and oh – leave your email 🙂 Viki

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