Angels and Demons coming in 2015

Sexy manVina and I are working on a new series – a m/m fantasy Redemption, Book 1 of the Deliverance series. #AngelsDemons is our hash tag for this one. 🙂 Vina is helping me resurrect a book of mine that never got off the ground. So we are breathing new life into it and creating a series we hope our readers will enjoy, along with our vampire series, Orbus Arcana. We plan on publishing book 3 and 4 of OA in 2015 as well.

Some of you might remember the book, (old title: Sins of Lust) or not. 🙂 We are editing and changing some things, but the plot remains. This will be a fantasy series – not paranormal, but I hope you’ll enjoy the heavenly world, which is not all sugar and spice.

Here is a sneak peek at a scene in the first chapter. In a nutshell: The archangel – Razi-el – has committed a crime and will be punished by being banished and his soul cleansed. He’ll live as a Protector, all his memories will be swiped clean. He won’t remember his love for archangel Uri-el or that he was an angel. This is the scene during the Cleansing ritual where he’ll loose his wings and his memories:

This is in Uri’s POV:

Razi’s deep voice sent a shiver through him. Tears moistened Uri’s cheeks at Razi’s endearment of eternal love. Their heartbeats synced. They were one, and it would be this way forever. He would never separate his soul from Razi’s.

Razi’s crisp command infiltrated Uri’s thoughts.

You weren’t supposed to come here.

How can I stay away when you need me?

You promised me.

I need to be here with you.

Then promise me this, you’ll live for me.

Uri uttered a cry of surprise and stilled the fingers that sought the hidden dagger in the folds of his robe. So like his lover to read him so well.

As I thought. Let me go in peace, knowing you live. You are too precious to give yourself to the Felo-de-se. Give me your solemn oath!

His life would be bleak and lonely without Razi. He shook his head, wanting to cover his ears. Every moment he lived without him would be a black hole of existence.

Uri! I didn’t save you only to have you die!

How could he refuse Razi’s plea when he put it that way? If Razi had to suffer, then he’d suffer as well. He gritted his teeth and resolved to live.

I love you. For all to witness, I’ll never take another lover.

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