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This is a cool photo and a good representation of how I view Razi-el – one of my major characters in Sins of Lust. Razi is a Throne and God’s warrior – with one stipulation – angels shall not kill. If they do then they must repent by going through a cleansing ceremony that has dire consequences. When Razi kills a demon to save his lover, it sets off a chain reaction of events that will transform heaven.

I’ve been quiet of late because I’ve been in the middle of preedits for this book. It has taken me over three weeks of working hard to whip my story into shape before I begin the first round of edits. I’m nervous about it, because it’s my first time working with a new editor and a new publishing company. A good working relationship is so important between the writer and editor – and I’ve been very lucky in my career to have wonderful editors that understand how I work and enjoy my writing style. I look forward to editing Sins of Lusts because I’m a strong believer that editing is when a book comes alive.

Usually when I begin my edits there are three things that I have to tweak:


1. Typos and grammar mistakes

2. Add more sensual layers to my sex scenes

3. Add deep POV

No matter how many times I go over my m.s. and this goes for my CP’s – there are always typos I miss. It’s crazy how that works. The sex scenes are always a challenge for me. They are my least favorite scenes to write, so I sometimes leave them for later, and fill them in after I’m done with the first draft! I probably shouldn’t admit that because my stories tend to be erotic and hot! *grin* It’s difficult to keep the sex fresh and exciting – and I work hard at it.

Then there’s deep POV – and this means many things to different writers. I think of it as writing 1st person POV in 3rd person perspective – or being in the character’s head! Deep POV can get a bit unweildly and will slow down the pace of a story if overused, so a writer has to be careful. And, when writing about two men, well, how much do men really ponder about their romantic life? They think in action more than words, but my stories are still romance. And, therefore my men have to suffer romantically. I tend to skimp on deep POV on my first go around then add it later as well.

I guess I write a story backwards, because I always heard that you need to cut at least 10% of your novel in editing! I seem to add 10% instead…

Anyhoo – I’m signing off to finish another story due in September!


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